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Window Caulking

Millers Court South 2013Window caulking is a crucial part of any good joint sealing on a home or building. Windows are a direct connection with the outside world, and they are usually the thinnest part of an exterior. This distinction means we take extra care when handing them.

As the place most likely to let in air, window caulking and the joints leading to a window are key maintenance areas for ensuring a building is energy efficient. No one likes a drafty window, and poorly sealed windows can also be a major contributor to noise within a building.

In historic homes, extra care is needed around windows as a whole, including when handling window caulking. This is because older windows can often be more fragile than modern ones, and some varieties of windows are heritage pieces in and of themselves. They are huge contributors to the look and feel of a building and are one of the hardest things to replace when damaged. This makes good caulking, which also absorbs vibrations that can crack a window, extra important.

Saving Energy Saves You Money

It’s no secret that energy efficiency can help save you money in your heating and cooling costs throughout the year. What does surprise people, however, is exactly how much money can be saved. In a 2010 study done by the North Carolina Office of Energy on State office buildings, a 10,000 square foot building can save about $1,000 a year with proper caulking and weather stripping. The savings increase dramatically as the size of the building goes up: a 30,000 square foot building can expect to save almost $3,500 per year, and a 100,000 square foot building can save up to $10,000 per year on their energy bills. And remember, those numbers are from North Carolina. Maryland has more dramatic weather and temperature changes throughout the year, meaning more potential savings for you.

These extreme savings are able to happen because a tiny crack in a window or door seal isn’t as tiny as you’d think. An ⅛ inch gap around a window adds up quickly when you realize that the window perimeter of a standard, double-hung window is about 9 feet long. That means that innocuous ⅛ gap is really a 10 ½ square inch hole! You’d never let a hole in your wall that size stay open, so don’t let your window caulking do it either.

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