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Façade Cleaning Services

Gilman Hall East 2013Just like your own skin, a building’s “skin” needs occasional cleaning to keep it healthy, happy, and alive for years to come.

Over time, pollutants from the surrounding area can build up on the surface of your building. This doesn’t just result in dimming colors and a dirty appearance; it can also contribute to accelerating damage if left unchecked for too long. Our façade cleaning services are a one-stop-shop for cleaning every type of pollutant and material you’re facing.

Gentle Cleaning for Historic Structures

When working with a historic building, power washing an entire façade can sometimes cause more damage than good. Depending on the type and condition of the materials used, gentle cleaning methods are often needed to properly clean a historic building. We do a careful examination of any structure we work on, making sure we identify all materials used and any areas that need a more sensitive touch. We use special cleaners for some materials types, too, enhancing their shine or helping to restore their color and brightness when possible.

We avoid using any abrasive methods whenever possible. Cleaners with scrubbing agents can remove the surface of historic exteriors, further contributing to subsequent damage. Scrapers are only used when absolutely necessary. Even then, they’re only used in the gentlest way possible. Maintaining as much of the surface as possible is important in restoring and protecting historic buildings, and we pride ourselves in our ability to do so.

Removing Graffiti and Stains

We sometimes need to explore using chemicals to remove graffiti or stains on a structure. Whenever faced with this challenge, we keep our methods as mild as possible and choose the best cleaner for the material type that the graffiti or stain sits on. If you need help getting stains or graffiti removed, call us so we can determine the best method for doing so.

Paint or Industrial Coating Preparation

We offer cleaning services designed to prepare an exterior for new paint or an industrial coating. Though we want to maintain as much of the original materials as possible, there are times when keeping old paint or coatings can do more harm than good. If you see peeling or cracked paint, sealants, epoxies, or other coatings, you will need to replace them to avoid further damage. We ensure these surfaces have all old coatings removed and are thoroughly cleaned so any new coatings can be applied without issue. For more information on our industrial coatings, please visit our services page.

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If you have a façade that could use a facelift, contact Coastal Exteriors today. Our meticulous cleaning process ensures that your building will be well cared for and only cleaned with the best methods for preserving the longevity of the building. Our 20+ years in servicing historic buildings in the Maryland and Washington, D.C. area have made us a name you can trust in caring for historic exteriors.

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