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Historic Restoration

The Baltimore Basilica  West 2013Historic restoration is the process of repairing, refinishing, and revitalizing a historic building to its complete state. At Coastal Exteriors, we focus on restoring facades. The façade, or face, of a building is special: it’s the first impression a building gives to anyone lucky enough to see it. Historic façades set the tone of a visit. Will that first impression be one of a grand, stately building whose venerable history commands respect? Or will it be of a sad, mistreated building whose crumbling façade offers just a faint vision of the former glory your visitors wish they could have seen?

These first impressions do matter, but the reality for many building owners is that they are secondary to the longevity and cost-effectiveness of a repair. A building cannot just be beautiful. It also needs to be functional and protect those inside while still serving its main purpose. The exterior of the building is the first line of defense from the elements, and it takes the heaviest beating as a result. Sun, water, and storm damage are concerns. A small crack in a façade may cause interior boards to rot, making a simple repair much more costly and time-consuming.

By protecting the exterior of the building through exterior restoration when needed, you protect yourself and your assets from far more expensive repairs in the future.

Accuracy With Value

We use historic methods and materials accurate to each specific building in all our restorations. We also meet or exceed all requirements from historical associations on registered buildings. This accuracy is usually associated with expense, but our network of artisans, material vendors, and specialized contractors allows us to operate our smaller business at a much higher value than competitors.

Your Full-Service Stop for Historic Façade Restoration

We handle all types of historic façade repair and restoration. Whether the exterior of your building is brick, stone, cement, or something else entirely, we can help.

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