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Our specialty in historic exterior repairs and restoration has made us experts in many of the services these buildings need.

To learn more about our services, check out the links below:

Historic Restoration

Learn more about the processes we use for determining the best way to restore a historic façade.

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Brick Restoration/Repairs

Learn more about brick repointing, tuckpointing, replacing damaged bricks, sourcing and reinstalling missing bricks, and mortar matching.

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Stone Restoration/Repairs

Our professionals are experts at repairing damaged stones, matching and repairing mortar, sourcing replacement stones, refinishing stone surfaces, and more.

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Concrete Restoration/Repairs

Learn more about concrete mix matching, servicing exposed rebar, refinishing existing concrete, cleaning, fixing discoloration, and more.

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Terra Cotta Restoration/Repairs

Learn more about servicing, repairing, and sourcing terra cotta drainage systems and roof tiles.

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Exterior Building Caulking Services

Our team can seal windows, doorways, joints, and any other area where caulking is needed.

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Façade Cleaning Services

We offer full, gentle cleaning of any façade type, carefully calibrated to your specific building, so the exterior is not damaged in the process.

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Industrial Coatings

Paints, sealants, washes, and plaster are all period accurate coatings used on historic façades to protect the building. We restore these finishes.

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Leak Detection, Leak Inspection

Leaks can be both a cause and an effect of exterior damage. We inspect for any leaks, from the roof down, ensuring we know exactly what is causing the damage.

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Joint Sealants

Caulking and sealing joints is one of the best ways to ensure water does not enter a structure. We replace old sealants with historically appropriate new ones to ensure a building is protected from the elements.

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Window Caulking

Resealing and caulking windows that have degraded helps keep buildings energy efficient despite their age.

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Knowing What to Use When

Each service has a purpose specific to a certain type of historic façade. If you aren’t sure which services you need, we offer a thorough inspection to evaluate the state of the building. Historical Society of Washington, D.C. and Maryland Historical Societies may also dictate which services you need. If your building is on a historic register, please check with the appropriate governing body to be sure we’re aware of any needs specific to your building.

Our staff experts are extremely thorough in determining the exact methods and materials needed to restore your building to its full glory. Our in-house experts handle every service on the above list, but we also work with local artisans when needed to restore anything requiring unique work. These relationships, along with our connections in sourcing materials, let us offer a full façade repair and restoration without compromising on accuracy or quality.

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